2015 RC

I outdid myself in 2014! I really exceeded my expectations, surpassing my goal of 100 books read by a whopping 8 books. My TBR went from pile to monstrous mountain and I still didn’t manage to complete all the other year-long reading challenges I signed up for. I got super distracted in taking part in some monthly or 2-monthly challenges, found a few new groups on goodreads and discovered Booktube (like I didn’t spend enough time on Youtube as it was).

So I sought out some inspiration for how 2015 could be MY year and Oh The Books is where I found it.

Here are my New Year’s Reading Resolutions:

  • Catch up on series I’m partway through, with high priority on series that are now completely published.
  • Reading standalone books I already own, especially all those books I purchased from the library’s annual sale (100’s!!!).
  • NOT reading any books that are first in a series, unless its a spin-off series of something I have read before.
  • I can only add a book to my TBR if I have read a book. That way my mountain won’t get any bigger.
  • I will not buy any books! You read that right. The library is about to become my best friend. I already have books covering my shelves, floor, garage… I’m dreaming one day to become a minimalist (pftt, not with my bookshelves!)
  • I will not request books on Goodreads or BookThing, unless they are series continuations that are already in progress. I will still consider Book Tours & ARCs for Review.
  • When gifting books, I will try buy books from my local bookshop, or Book Depository for free shipping purposes.

To see what books I’ve read, see my 2015 Goodreads Challenge.

Go on! Share your secrets with me.