2017 Blog Ambitions

Happy New Year!

I’ve thought about making so many changes to my blog but I know that in 5 months time, with a little one in my arms, I just won’t have the time or energy to make this blog my priority. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going anywhere. I will do my utmost to be here on the regular and keep up with the latest releases. So I thought it best to set myself some blogging goals, and share those. If someone else knows about them, then I have a better chance of sticking to them. I’m going with the KISS Rule & only setting 5. That’s right. That was a challenge limiting myself to 5, because there is so much I want to achieve and so very little time to do it in. How fast did the last 12 months go? Like it just disappeared!

Here are my hopes and dreams for SharleneSays in 2017:

1 | Post a review each month

2 | Start using some of my own photos

3 | Post monthly TBR & Wrapups

4 | Vlog on Bookish topics on SharleneSays on Youtube

5 | Smash out tasks for 101 Bookish Things in 1001 Days

If you’ve got some blogging aspirations, send me a link in the Comments section. I love checking out Bookish blogs.

That’s all for now folks. Have a safe and happy holidays. You’ll see me again very soon with a January TBR.

xoxo Sharlene

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