3rd Quarter Update | 2015 Reading Challenge

3 more months to go! BOOM!

As of today?

I’ve read 62/100 books.

And what about those pesky New Year’s Resolutions?

  • Catch up on series I’m partway through, with high priority on series that are now completely published. Well… let’s just say, I’ve started more series than I have finished. But seriously, I’ve finished off 5 series so far. 
  • Reading standalone books I already own, especially all those books I purchased from the library’s annual sale (100’s!!!). ummm…. what’s a standalone? lol. 
  • NOT reading any books that are first in a series, unless its a spin-off series of something I have read before. Yeah, #fail. I’ve read a number of firsts, and it was worth it!
  • I can only add a book to my TBR if I have read a bookYEP, that went out the door. I love books.
  • I will not buy any books! I bought a couple of adult color-in books. THEY DONT COUNT! I bought a colour in book today for my birthday in a couple weeks.
  • I will not request books on Goodreads or BookThing, unless they are series continuations that are already in progress. I always request books, but I never get them… so I don’t feel so bad. Reviews have taken a back burner because I’ve been so many books behind schedule since like May. I will definitely focus on getting ARCs next year.
  • When gifting books, I will try buy books from my local bookshop, or Book Depository for free shipping purposes. Something for me to consider for Christmas.

So… Can I read 100 books this year?

Of course!

Winter is being released this last quarter so I have every intention of getting my grabby little hands on that. That’s one book I will devour. So with 38 books to go, that’s 12-13 books a month. There must be a hand in my back everyday. No cutting corners. I’ve really gotta push myself.

Wish me luck!

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