profileWho is Sharlene Says?

Well, I am. My name is Sharlene and this is my lovely mug

What can you read here?

This is my little space in the blogisphere to say whatever I like… but really it will be a bunch of book or movie reviews, random thoughts, top 10’s and goals. Not everything I read will be reviewed, because a lot of what I do read has been reviewed by the 1000’s.

My Blogistory

I started back in 2009 using myspace & bebo. You remember what they are right? Well I moved to posterous. That lasted a few months. Then I discovered wordpress & haven’t looked back!

Earlier in June, I made the courageous decision to remove my nodes. No, not really. That’s a Pitch Perfect reference, but you totally got that. You know, I hate it when I don’t know what people are referencing & it makes it even worse asking them to explain it. But let’s move on! I made the courageous decision to move from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. I even bought the domain name & web hosting with a little help from hubby and the outcome: sharlenesays.com, this lovely blog you have in front of you.

and that’s the end of the story… just kidding. There’s plenty more to tell.

Make sure you stick around. I threw my very first giveaway earlier this month to celebrate my blogiversary. It was so fun. I’m bound to do it again!

final love sharlene