BOB Day 2 Challenge

Infinite Ink are hosting an OTP Challenge over the next 20 hours or so. I had to write this up pretty quickly. OTP, One True Pairing, is a great opportunity for us to share the couples we ‘Ship’. There are so many! Especially when I read mainly YA & NA books…

Quickly, for me, Rush & Blaire from Fallen Too Far series

They start off a little rocky. Rush does not like her, at all. Blaire sleeps in the maids quarters, located behind a door in the pantry. It’s been awhile since I’ve read their story, I think Blaire even goes to the bathroom she found outside, like under the deck because she didn’t want to walk upstairs. She is really out of her comfort zone surrounded by wealthy young adults, especially Rush, the son of a rock God. Rush is a socialite, everyone likes him and wants to be his friend. He has a group of good friends and we get to learn each of their stories, as Abbi Glines has given each their own series.

They are like total opposites. But once Rush & Blaire put their differences aside, their relationship progresses to, well, ‘more that friends’ and incredibly hard to put down. You will be reading all night long!

I haven’t read this series for ages. It doesn’t help that the author, Abbi Glines, continues writing spin-off series. Rosemary Beach is never ending!

Author: Sharlene

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2 thoughts on “BOB Day 2 Challenge”

    1. It was fun & easy. I just had to think of which couple to post about! I always seem to fall back on Rush #RushCrush but there is not shortage of options.

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