#BookBlogWriMo – Days 11-15

bookblogwrimo 14Day 11 – #Top10Tuesday

The most popular post on sharlenesays is Bout of Books 11. I knew it would be a Readathon, because participating brings a lot of cheerleaders and book lovers to your sites.

Day 12 – Advice for Newbie Bloggers

Don’t try and do everything. This I am still learning. I see a cool bookish meme and I think I could do it but I never have enough time down the track. Write what you want to. It’s not a competition, or about the hits you get.

Day 13 – Your Review Process

I think I’m a hopeless reviewer. I use Goodreads updates as a note taking platform. Because it’s handy to find and others might be interested in how I’m finding the book. I have a book review template that I scored online somewhere and use that as a guide. Then you’ve gotta add in all the linky bits & bada boom, your halfway there.

Day 14 – Your Ratings System

Review RatingAt the moment, I’m using a 5-leaf rating because I liked the look of leaves and it sorta goes with my theme. But it’s really simple, if I loved the book, you’re getting a 5! If I couldn’t finish it, I probably won’t rate it because I didn’t read the whole thing. Some books aren’t for everyone. When I first started reading New Adult books, everyone got a 5 star on goodreads because I loved them all but now I’ve been reading them for over a year, I’ve got more of an opinion and 5’s are getting harder to give out.

Day 15 – Favorite Book Blogging Things

There are so many book blogging things but I guess if they are my faves, then I do them. Like I absolutely loved the idea of memes and Swoon Worthy Saturday is my fave. I was captured by the original meme image, modern, easy to read, subject is easy to understand. It also let’s me share with everyone the fictional men I am reading on a regular basis! One coming soon!

I love that as a book blogger, you can have cool posts like #BookBlogWriMo which aren’t about a specific book, but readers are happy to read them! It’s like sharing a piece of you and the tips & tricks of your blogging.

I also love the events, booktubeathon, Readathons, book festivals, expos, library book sales… My shelves are never bare and there is always some fun to be had.

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