#BookBlogWriMo – Days 6-10

bookblogwrimo 14Day 6 #TBT – Favorite Childhood Books

I wasn’t much of a reader growing up. I was a fan of the library but I would repel books, always losing them. My dad was shocked to hear I was reading a lot of books. I remember the Babysitters Club… and the books at school that let you pick the story, choosing one of two possibilities at the bottom of the page, and you’d flick to the page you wanted. For some reason I have a fond memory of Milly Molly Mandy. I can’t even remembering reading it or what the story is, if it’s one book or a series.image

Day 7 #FlashbackFriday – Blog’s First Design

So, I went to Way Back Machine and put in my old blog sharlenesmith.wordpress.com. It has 26 records but they aren’t very accurate. My blog wasn’t called sharlenesays back then. This is a screenshot of the first image it recorded back in 2011. I also can’t recall using a theme like this but I chopped and changed themes every year, so who knows. I can, however, recommend this book! The Secret Lives of Dresses, there are two paperbacks available on Book Depository. so I’ve linked the cheaper one! Check it out. It sparked my love for sewing & vintage dresses.

Day 8 – Your Blogging Toolkit

The coolest thing I have discovered but am yet to put it to good use is the 2014 Blogging Calendar. A Well Crafted Party have a free one available. It has pages for everything you need to keep track of, sponsors, statistics, finances. They ask for you to sign up, it’s free and they’ll email you the printables. There are a few colours to choose from too. One other thing, scheduled posts are your friend! If you know you can’t make a post one week, schedule one up & it will auto-magically post for you.

Day 9 – Your Blogging Workflow

I haven’t got my blogging groove since making the move to wordpress.org #blogflow but in a very short time it will be a New Year and that’s what Resolutions are all about. I’m using the 2014 Blogging Calendar as my guide & I will put together a calendar of posts for 2015 including all my memes, potential blog reviews, book links etc.

Day 10 – Memes You Meme

I can say that I do not normally #ThrowbackThursday, although I have for the purposes of this blog (See Day 6 above). I did do it once on Instagram with a cute little polaroid of me with Santa. This is also the first time I’ve heard of #ManCandyMonday but that sounds like it would fit perfectly with my #SwoonWorthySaturday posts. I must have a peek next Monday. Shhh. It will be our secret.

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