#BookBlogWriMo – Days 1-5

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1 Nov – History of Sharlene Says

Sharlene Says launched on 1 July 2014. That’s right, 4 months of greatness. The background story: I’ve been blogging in some shape or form for about 5 years. I was a religious wordpress.com blogger for 3 years but I had evolved from life-casting to regularly blogging about the latest reading challenge or review of a book I had finished. When my hubby started saying “You’re alllllways reading”, I knew this was gonna be “my thing” for awhile. I tried to run a competition on my old blog using Rafflecopter and I was limited to posting a link to the actual entry form. There is a little more freedom to posting competition if you own your own site, so that made my decision to purchase a domain name & web hosting even easier. Sharlene Says was born.

2 Nov – How Do I Read?

I’m not fussy… yet! I have a Kindle account that has a LOT of free books that I’ve discovered. I use my iPad mini to read e-books. There are sooo many free books available so I’ve always got something new to read on there if I need to. Prior to last week, I had an Audible account, downloading 1 book per month, but I’m trying to save for a holiday so my paid account, an unnecessary cost, just had to go. I used the Audible app on my iPhone but that has been deleted. I’m a big fan of the public library. Not so much my current public library as they charge $1 or $2 for Fiction books. Thankfully they don’t charge their YA section! I’m not a fanatic book-lover. I don’t love the smell of a book, I haven’t been busted shedding tears on a bus because my fave character died… but I certainly don’t taint books by writing in the margins or highlighting text. That is just a No-No! I love to read YA because the worlds are so easy to read, the characters are easy to love and hate.

3 Nov – Where Do I Read?

I read anywhere. The last book I read was Cinder by Marissa Meyer. It was an audiobook, so I actually listened to it and I was all over the place. I started in the back seat of a van travelling to a church service that was being held in another city and I ended up finishing it on the couch at home a week or so later, but Cinder had been in the kitchen cooking dinner, waiting for the hubby to finish working, and on the occasional morning in bed.

4 Nov – Why Do I Blog?

Honestly, I like writing down my thoughts. As a tween I kept a diary, well, a number of diaries. I don’t think any of them made it to adulthood. But they pages were filled with the latest gossip, not really the inner most secrets of your truly. They were by no means a secret. My friends used to write in them. There was an occasional love heart, but I was a big fan of star doodling. Imagine handrawn stars in the margin and really messy handwriting, each day (bad grammar included) probably looked something like

∗ 31 October

It’s halloween today and I dressed up as a witch. So and so dressed up as witches too. Can you believe it? What copy cats! Anyway, I’m going to bed. It’s like after midnight and I’m so tired from trik or treatin. I saw X walking with Y. (one friend would write) She sooooo likes him! (and I would write) I KNO! I’m gonna shame her out at school on Monday. Should I? Nah! ok. Good Night. xoxo Shaz

I hear Emma Watson has like 30 diaries and she started before Harry Potter. She was like 10! I wonder if she wrote like I did?

Anyway! Back to the original question: Why do I blog? I find it interesting. My views are likely to be different to yours. You might find the way I view things intriguing. This is also one place where I can keep all my random and no so random thoughts in one place and why not splash it all over the internet for everyone else (or no-one else) to read. Its a win-win situation.

5 Nov – Where Do I Blog?

Same as above really. Anywhere and everywhere. Mostly I write from the floor of my lounge. I have this thing about sitting on the floor. I don’t know why? I get a sore butt and if its been awhile, then it gets hard to stand up on stiff legs. I had a lounge chair for reading but since moving to Gisborne (almost 2 years ago!) it hasn’t made it out of the garage. It was super comfy and I would write up draft posts sitting in it. I’ve also drafted posts at a few libraries and at least one McDonald’s. Not ideal, it’s quite loud there. Too many people talking, laughing, shouting at kids, coffee machines, doors opening and closing constantly. I don’t recommend reading there either. Give me my laptop or iPad or iPhone and I could blog from anywhere.

Okay. It’s close to midnight. I think the first five days is enough to keep me in the black until the weekend. I’ve gotta catch up on my review. I said this in my last post but a review will be up shortly for Frostbitten. It’s in a very draft stage at the moment.

If you are taking part in #BookBlogWriMo, make sure to leave a link in the Comments. I will stop by and most likely add you to my Reader. If you aren’t taking part, feel free to share your answers to any of the prompts or give an opinion on my lack of writing style. I love feedback. I love sleep more though… ciao for now.

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