Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts #10


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Kia Ora and Happy Thursday!

I have had a busy and interesting month.

In Bookish News,

  1. This month I have posted my March TBR on booktube, so you can check it out there, clicky here: March TBR
  2. I cracked my laptop screen, which happens to be touch screen, so it was out of action until I could get a second screen to change my screen settings. Phew! It took me a day or two but my laptop is back in action. Unfortunately my March TBR went up unedited, with no flashy titles, music or links. So forgive me, but its raw. It’s me, sitting on the floor, in what I plan to be my new book nook, sharing the titles I hope to read this month.
  3. TBTG, I got a job. I put my CV in the ring for so many different jobs, doing anything and everything. I scored a Library Assistant job. I’m finally working with books (and staff & students, but BOOKS!). I start tomorrow. I’m so EXCITED!

In Not So Bookish News,

  1. I have discovered that one of my friends, who I met a few years ago when I was working in Youth Ministry, is a Vlogger! Her YouTube channel is hello_harriet and she posts a video each week. Her videos are about 5 minutes and she is super funny. I cracked up watching her Valentine’s Day pranks & the Whisper Challenge with her lil bro. You need to subscribe. Do it now.
  2. Because I’m working part time, I decided to go back to full time study. I’ve completed 6 papers towards my Bachelor of Arts (Communications, Information and Library Studies). It feels like I still have 100 to go. If I can manage the load then I am set for finishing my degree towards the end of 2017! I might get my tohu before the hubby does (tohu means award in Maori & a bunch of other stuff). Might have to add that to my goals for next year. Someone remind me.
  3. One of my papers requires me to start a blog. I already have one, you’re reading it, so at some point you might see some book reviews on genres that I wouldn’t normally blog about. Keep your minds open to the possibility that you might like something more than Young/New Adult fiction. I know it’s slim, but it COULD HAPPEN. Just roll with it.
  4. Lastly, today I signed up for YouTube Boot Camp. It starts tomorrow (which might be the next day in US time) and I am a little scared. But I hope to get some tips from it and boost my YouTube Channel with confidence. Wish me luck!

For a month that felt so hectic, after writing this, I feel like I haven’t achieved very much…

Never mind. There is always next month.

xoxo Sharlene

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