Bout of Books 13 Goals & Progress

Less than 6 hours to go! I’m in Christchurch spending time with my husband’s family so I don’t have the luxury of plucking books off my shelves or visiting the public library. So, I’ve had to jump online and download a few ebooks. Of course books on my TBR aren’t available but they have a good selection of recent releases.

>>Time Devoted to Reading

I will be reading for at least half an hour every day of the week.

>>My Goals

To complete 1 book.
To read every day.
To visit & comment on a new blog everyday.
To spend time on Twitter cheering & catching up with everyone on #boutofbooks

>> Books to Read

I currently have 3 books downloaded from the library:-

image image image

• A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab

• Kiss Kill Vanish by Jessica Martinez

• The Intern by Gabrielle Tozer


Number of pages I’ve read: 119, so far!
Titles of books I’ve started: The Intern
Blogs I’ve visited today: Book City Chick Just Another Rabid Reader

Number of pages I’ve read: 149
Titles of books I’ve started: still reading The Intern (p.268). 70 pages to go!
Blogs I’ve visited today: Wolfish Books Writing My Own Fairytale
I’ve visited a few more since, but it’s quite time consuming to post all the links. But make sure you click their links & check out their BOB progress.

Number of pages I’ve read: 139
Titles of books: I finished The Intern. I started Kiss Kill Vanish.
Blogs I’ve visited today: A Bookaholic Swede. I tried to comment on Carpe Libra but it wasn’t English so I don’t think it posted 🙁

Number of pages: I’m on page 119, so I only read 50 pages. Bugger.
Titles of books: still reading Kiss Kill Vanish.
Blogs I’ve visited today: Pages and Tea Blog

Number of pages: I had a shocking day. I only read 39 pages!
Title of book: Kiss Kill Vanish. I have every intention of finishing this book today! I’ve got an hour & half flight today. If it’s not too bumpy, I’m gonna read!
Blogs I’ve visited today: Bella Reads

Number of pages: A pretty good day. I read a chapter on the plane and lots more once I got home. My eyes couldn’t stay open. I might’ve read about 150 pages.
Title of book: Kiss Kill Vanish. The flight was a little bumpy and I couldn’t read in the car. It makes me sick.
Blogs I’ve visited: I don’t remember the blogs, but I sent a few tweets.

Number of pages: 124 pages & I finished my second book Kiss Kill Vanish! + 28 pages of A Darker Shade of Magic.
Bloga I’ve visited: whoops, I didn’t keep track again. I needed an afternoon nap & I ended up going out for dinner, so didn’t leave me a lot of room for reading & tweeting.

Aftermath visits: Book Gatherer

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6 thoughts on “Bout of Books 13 Goals & Progress”

  1. I requested A Darker Shade of Magic from my library AGES ago and still haven’t received it yet. I don’t think they purchased many copies, so you’re really lucky to be able to download it from your library.
    You’re doing really well so far – good luck for the final few days 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting me! I love discovering new-to-me bloggers and new books too. I haven’t heard of any of those so I’m going to check them out 🙂

  3. Don’t worry, your comment came through just fine. It was only waiting to be moderated and you can see it now 😉 Thanks a lot for the comment 🙂 !
    Have fun reading and I hope you can reach all your goals. I’m already way behind with mine… 🙁

    1. Thanks! Hey, don’t worry about the goals too much. If you don’t reach them this time, then you’ve got a goal for Bout of Books 14! Good luck!

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