December, the Last TBR for 2014

December TBRKia ora everyone!

I know you haven’t heard from me in awhile. My posts have been pretty sporadic the past few months. I started the #BookBlogWriMo… and didn’t finish it. What a lazy bones. I think when things get too much I start to ignore things, put it to the back of my mind and do other meaningless things. Sorry guys. I will try my very best not to let that happen in the New Year.

Did you know that I completed my Goodreads Challenge? STOKED!!! I’ve read over 100 books this year but… I haven’t completed all the other challenges I signed up to so here are the lists of books that I can only dream of completing in December, also known as my December TBR.

From the library:


  1. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
  2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  3. Pivot Point by Kasie West (#1 Pivot Point)
  4. Panic by Lauren Oliver

I’ve also got out Ask The Passengers by A. S. King in the hopes that this will be the book selected by The Little Book Club on goodreads for January/February.

I need to read about 20 books just to complete the 2014 Bingo Challenges I signed up for. Highly unlikely that I could read that number of books. Here are some of the categories I need to complete. Please suggest away. I need some ideas:-

  • YA another world
  • YA colour in title
  • YA set in summer
  • a classic YA
  • YA set in Paris (yes, I’ve read Anna and the French Kiss. Could reread tho?)
  • a YA with either a Lion, a Witch or a Wardrobe
  • Adult forgotton classic
  • Adult non-human characters
  • Adult short stories
  • Adult scares me (I’m a scaredy cat, might substitute this one)
  • Adult became a movie
  • Adult funny
  • Adult best seller
  • Adult based on a true story (again, not a scary one)
  • Adult bottom of the TBR (been on my shelf the longest)

It doesn’t help that I am leaving the country for a 2 week Christmas vacation. I don’t have luggage space or baggage allowance for that many books! so I’m filling up the ipad to see what damage I can do to my every-growing Kindle shelf.

I bought a few books but will post a #bookhaul video when they arrive. Ssh! Don’t tell the hubby. Let’s keep that between you and me.

I heard through the #booktube vines that a #cramathon is on later this month so you can read all those small books to smash your Goodreads challenge AND because it’s the silly season, a #HarryXmasToYou “readawatchalongathon” (yep, that’s a thing. I don’t think I spelt it right?) which you can check out on Twitter.

So, what are you reading this month? Leave a comment or a link to your TBR Instagram, Tweet, booktube video, or however you share your TBR. I’ll make sure to watch it.

Happy Holiday Reading!

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2 thoughts on “December, the Last TBR for 2014”

  1. Congratulations on achieving your Goodreads Challenge! Mine is quarter the size of yours but I’ve achieved it, which I’ll achieve when I finish one of my current books. I’m reading Madame Bovary (not really enjoying it) and The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes (so far so good). I hope to do lots of reading during the holidays.

    1. Nice!
      I’ve seen The Woman Who Stole My Life on a few lists and TBR’s so I might have to add that one to my own. Let me know if you enjoy it. Happy Holidays @cafe_chick 🙂

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