2019 Diversify Your Reading Challenge


So in 2018, my only goal was to read 20 books and I couldn’t even manage that. I started so many books, but most were self-help books that I wasn’t really interested in finishing. So for 2019, I’m making it even easier. I found a challenge that let’s me read 12, only TWELVE books. I can do that!

The Diversify Your Reading 2019 Challenge is being hosted by Mongan Moments.

I found their challenge on Pinterest (see below) and I’m going to stick to the genres they’ve provided for each month. I will include books that I’m interested in reading, and as I complete the challenge, will update the list below. Click on any of the images if your’re interested in signing up too.


January: Memoir & Autobiography

February: Romance

March: Science & Technology

April: Graphic Novels & Comics

May: History & Biography

June: Middle Grade & Children’s

July: Humor

August: Science Fiction

September: Nonfiction

October: Young Adult

November: Poetry

December: Fantasy

Go on! Share your secrets with me.

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