#HarryXmasToYou | Dec 2015


It’s a readawatchalongathon! Try saying that 3x really fast.
Let’s break it down: Readalong, Readathon, Watchalong, Watchathon. It’s a 4-in-1 special. You’ve got the whole month of December to do all of the above! It’s gonna be FUN! FOLLOW @HarryXmasToYou! OMG. there is even sign ups for Houses on Dec. 1. That’s me!

Ive read the series more than once but each time there are little things that I never remember or hadn’t noticed. Hello Giggles picked up a few & they thought it was worthy to read again!

It’s gonna take a little planning, as I’m still down like 20 books for the goodreads challenge, but WE CAN DO IT! I’m committed to this. I’m spending xmas with the in-laws and I barely get a few pages in, but if it means waking up early or staying up a little later, then I WILL DO IT!

I don’t particularly want to carry the box set around with me, so I’m gonna line up the e-books or audio-books from the library. I’d prefer the audio because I haven’t heard them before and Stephen Fry isn’t bad on the ears. I hope to read the books prior to the watch-alongs, but it’s totally up to you how you wanna take part.

If you wanna watch-along with everyone, all movies will start at 7pm CST (time converter)
1 – Dec 5th
2 – Dec 9th
3 – Dec 12th
4 – Dec 16th
5 – Dec 19th
6 – Dec 23rd
7 part 1 – Dec 26th
7 part 2 – Dec 30th

There’s gonna be a different host for each book, so watch the video below on youtube to get all the host links.

So put it in your calendar now. December 2015: #HarryXmasToYou

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