Honest Truths: I’m poor, not penurious.

Guess who had to google that word, penurious. I’m not even sure if I’m using it correctly.

I still feel like I need to preface this post by saying I believe I am by no means living in poverty, I just feel the crunch most days. This isn’t a plea for your money. I don’t want to be spammed with get rich quick schemes. I am grateful to be able to afford our weekly rent to have a roof over our heads and I have a very gracious workplace.

However, there are just some days when I log into my bank account and I wish there were just a few more dollars in there. I’m not talking millions either, literally a few more dollars would make me smile more often. They say money doesn’t bring you happiness but it makes life easier having it, it makes living a little less stressful. I’m sure you’re all thinking, we’ll get off your butt and do something about it.

So, What am I doing about it? To be honest, I know that what I am doing is not enough, but I’ve started making small changes to make it easier on the budget, and to start seriously paying off debt and get my life on track and towards saving to buy our first home.

I’m about making a few small changes in my life that are sustainable. For instance, I have  stopped buying mochas or hot drinks. They were a weekly guilty pleasure. I stopped drinking coffees while pregnant and limit myself now because I’m breastfeeding. For the price of a barista made coffee, I can buy a packet of instant granulated coffee and still have some change. I might get 20 cups of coffee for the price of one or two. Yes, it’s cheap but to be honest, it’s not nasty and I get my quick fix, quicker than waiting in line at a cafe.

Another small change is I don’t go shopping unless I need to. I unsubscribed from regular marketing emails from a bunch of retail stores. I’ve removed the temptation from my life and my inbox thanks me also.

Even my birthday this year I didn’t want to spend money on myself. Instead of buying a treat, I volunteered to be a collector for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation street appeal. I gave back in a small way. 

Adulting can be hard. Parenting is harder. I’m in my 30’s now and I feel these are the years to start making a difference for the family.

So my honest truth, I am poor. But if I can pay all my bills, reduce the debt and manage to squirrel a dollar or two away for my baby’s future, and put money towards my first home, then I know that I shouldn’t complain! I want to feel content with the things I have or I just need to try a little harder.


Thanks for sticking with me.

xoxo Love Shaz

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