Love by Matt de la Pena

I recently discovered that Overdrive are now offering read-along eBooks. No, this isn’t your typical audiobook, nor is it a simple narration.

You open the book, click on Start Narration and it reads the words to you. It even highlights the words as it goes along so it’s easy to follow.

I didn’t realise it at the start, but it will even turn the page when it gets to the end of the page!

Its almost handsfree reading!

But enough about that. The book that I found, was Love by Matt de la Pena. I wanted a cute short story to read to by daughter at bed time. She’s only one. She fell asleep pretty quickly but me, I was in awe.

The read-along I heard was by the  author. I heard how the story was meant to be read, how it was meant to be heard. That was the pinnacle of my experience.

The story really tugs at the heart strings. It’s so full of emotion and shares all the ways we experience love. The story resounded with me as I snuggled in bed with my daughter.

The last page was my fave: It’s not luck you’ll leave with, it’s love.

I hope that when my daughter leaves home, that saying is how she will feel. Knowing that she is safe & has that security to know we will be here for her always.

The best book I have read since ‘Guess How Much I Love You’. Children’s books are the best.

xoxo Shaz

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