Review: Dante’s Fire by Jennifer Probst

Dante's Fire

Series: Standalone
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: Cool Gus Publishing
Released: 26 August 2014
Length: 130 pages, according to the pbk on goodreads
Format: I read an ARC ebook from LibraryThing

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. This did not influence my rating.

» Book Blurb
It’s Time To Meet A New Kind Of Hero…

Dante Stark has a dark secret–a legacy left to him by his father which is both a blessing and a curse. A traumatic experience as a small boy gave him special powers of healing, but it comes with a price. Destined to wander the world alone to heal others, he’s accepted his fate. Until Selina Rogers forces him to confront his deepest fears, erotic desires, and question his capacity to love.

Selina Rogers has made a name for herself at Inferno Enterprises. She’s tough, confident and prepared to succeed. She’s also built a world she believes is safe, until she’s attacked and then saved by a masked stranger. As he helps her heal physically and emotionally, she becomes fascinated by his overwhelming power and gentle touch. Determined to show Dante the love he’s been denying himself, Selina surrenders her heart, and dreams of a future with the mysterious man who completes her.

But will his dark legacy destroy them…or save them both…

» First Sentence
DANTE Stark lifted his hands and pressed palms flat against the windowpane.

» My Initial Reaction
This is not your every day super power! How intriguing. Some people are gonna call Dante a very, very lucky man.

» My Review
Dante has been given this unusual super power. He marks men that try to sexually abuse women. The mark stops them from repeating such a horrible thing. Dante gets “called” at any hour of the night and decided to personally never fall in love. I agree that it wouldn’t be fair to ask for a commitment from someone when he himself couldn’t offer the same.

In real life, Dante is the CEO of Inferno Enterprises, a fitting name for his heated gift. But instead of being in charge, he poses as their mailman Daniel. I like this about Dante. He’s a little mysterious, just like all good superheroes.

Life isn’t quite going the way he plans when Selina, a friend from the office becomes the target of sexual abuse. Dante is there to pick up the pieces and help her overcome the abuse. The story is quite fast paced and by no means boring! Jennifer Probst is an excellent writer. It doesn’t make light of how sexual abuse can affect a woman.

“I love you, Dante Stark. I want the chance to be with you. When you disappear to help another woman, I want to be waiting for you. I want to be the one to guide you back into the light. Don’t you think we both deserve to be happy?”

It’s quite open-ended. Dante happens to find someone who accepts his power and the intimacy that’s involved. Dante’s Fire is a standalone but there is definitely room for a sequel! I certainly couldn’t be as accepting as Selina is. Oh and hello to Sage. That could be a side-kick character right there.

» My Rating
Top marks for taking a super hero story that has been told time again and transforming a knight in shining armour into something contemporary.

5 Leaf

» Author Stalker Links

Jennifer Probst wrote her first book at the age of 12. Bound in a folder, she read it to her classmates, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She is married, became a mother, bought a house, continued her education with a master’s in English Literature, and rescued two shelter dogs. Now she is writing again.

I can’t wait to read her other new adult, romance novels! Jennifer has a number of titles under her belt. Check them out!

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