Swoon Worthy Saturday #3

SWSSaturday is a day for swooning. Swoon Worthy Saturday, hosted by staybookish, is a weekly meme where we present a fictional character who has swept us off our feet, given us butterflies, made our heart do acrobatics and driven us absolutely crazy!

There is no shortage of fictional heartthrobs. This week’s #SWS, in light of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer released yesterday, goes to:

~ Mr. Christian Grey ~

» The Gist
Before I mention physical characteristics, this man has achieved great things at such a young age of 27. He is first introduced to us readers as the CEO of Grey Enterprises, and a major benefactor to the university that Anastasia Steele attends. To put it lightly ‘he’s rolling in it,’.

“I employ over forty thousand people, Miss Steele. That gives me a certain sense of responsibility – power, if you will. If I were to decide I was no longer interested in the telecommunications business and sell up, twenty thousand people would struggle to make their mortgage payments after a month or so.”

This sounds so arrogant out of context but Christian has built his organisation ground up & this highlights the responsibilities on his shoulders and he is very aware that his decisions have a huge impact.

Let’s get to what you wanna know. When Ana first meets Christian, he is wearing an impeccable gray suit. Just imagine a crisp white shirt that looks like it’s never been worn before and an expensive black tie in the perfect knot. Christian is tall. If you were barefoot, the kind of height you’d have to tippy-toe to kiss.The author wrote Christian with unruly dark copper hair but I can’t picture that. I see perfection. Don’t forget the blazing bright gray eyes that will make your panties drop! Doesn’t he suit his name?

» Swoon Worthy Moments
FSOG is written from Ana’s perspective so everything we read about Christian is from her eyes, so of course we all fall in love with him. Before we get too far into the book, Ana is almost side-swiped by a cyclist. This is one of the “sweeter” moments:

Are you okay?” he whispers. He has one arm around me, clasping me to him, while the fingers of his other hand softly trace my face, gently probing, examining me. His thumb brushes my lower lip, and I hear his breath hitch. He’s staring into my eyes, and I hold his anxious, burning gaze for a moment or maybe it’s forever… but eventually, my attention is drawn to his beautiful mouth. Oh my.

Christian is like a thesaurus and says things like ‘pressing his suit’. I mean I understand what he meant by it because Jose was making his unwanted moves on Ana but who actually says that?

Oh and don’t forgot his sweet departing words, you’ll wish your man says it:

“Laters, baby.”

Once we get past the pleasantries in the first few chapters, Ana’s inner monologue is screaming for more & there is a lot of R-rated dirty talk!

“He grabs me suddenly and yanks me up against him, one hand at my back holding me to him and the other fisting in my hair.
“You’re one challenging woman,” He kisses me, forcing my lips apart with his tongue, taking no prisoners.

There is sooooo much more where that came from!

» Dreamcast
I know that Jamie Dornan has already been cast for the movies, but I think his face is too soft. Check out the trailer below. You’ll understand if you’ve read the books. It’s just not what you picture in a dominating man. They need to lighten his hair a little too. It looked more unruly in Once Upon A Time. They haven’t quite matched him with this earlier photoshoot either. He looks convincing in this image:

But I want the strong jaw line of Superman & the body of a God. I still go with my original casting, Matt Bomer. Cam Gigandet could’ve pulled it off. He definitely does in Burlesque! I heard Ian Somerhalder & Alexander Skarsgård’s names were thrown around by fans. I can understand A-listers might’ve been hesitant to take on such a role, but it could’ve been worth the risk!

So tell me, who gets your knickers in a twist? I mean, who would you like to see play the role of Christian Grey? Boyfriends & Husbands not included. You can tell me. We’ll keep it between friends.

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