Love by Matt de la Pena

I recently discovered that Overdrive are now offering read-along eBooks. No, this isn’t your typical audiobook, nor is it a simple narration.

You open the book, click on Start Narration and it reads the words to you. It even highlights the words as it goes along so it’s easy to follow.

I didn’t realise it at the start, but it will even turn the page when it gets to the end of the page!

Its almost handsfree reading!

But enough about that. The book that I found, was Love by Matt de la Pena. I wanted a cute short story to read to by daughter at bed time. She’s only one. She fell asleep pretty quickly but me, I was in awe.

The read-along I heard was by the  author. I heard how the story was meant to be read, how it was meant to be heard. That was the pinnacle of my experience.

The story really tugs at the heart strings. It’s so full of emotion and shares all the ways we experience love. The story resounded with me as I snuggled in bed with my daughter.

The last page was my fave: It’s not luck you’ll leave with, it’s love.

I hope that when my daughter leaves home, that saying is how she will feel. Knowing that she is safe & has that security to know we will be here for her always.

The best book I have read since ‘Guess How Much I Love You’. Children’s books are the best.

xoxo Shaz

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts #11

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts is a weekly meme hosted by Christine at Bookishly Boisterous Books.

Kia Ora and Happy Hump Day!

What are months? Honestly, time is just disappearing! I wish it wouldn’t. I could do with an extra day or two to hide in a cubby hole and finish assignments.

In Bookish News,

  1. I received a few books for review this week. They are Stephen Barker’s The Secret of Spirits Bay, The Riddle of the Stones and Deadwater Lane.
  2. In my last Bookish Thoughts I mentioned my new job as a Library Assistant. I am working in an academic library, and really enjoy working alongside students and staff.
  3. Over on Goodreads, I’m hosting a Book Pool challenge in the Book Loving Kiwis Group. You can read all about it in my previous post. It started 1 Jun and ends 31 July, so you’ve still got time to join us.
  4. I’ve been reading Captain Underpants to Neff. I didn’t realise so many adults are trying to ban it from our libraries and bookstores. It does have potty-mouth humour. But I think it’s harmless and hilarious. Neff loves it and if it keeps him reading, it’s sticking around 🙂

In Not So Bookish News,

  1. My decision to return to full time study is kicking me in the BUTT! I probably should have considered that my new job would take a lot of my energy in the first few months until I got on my feet. But now that I am settled into work, new opportunities have come up.
  2. My hubby and I are now caring for our nephew, as of a few days ago. He starts school tomorrow and TBH, I would rather dedicate the next few weeks to settle him into life living with us, than study.
  3. Our car is at the shop this week. Hubby bumped into another car at the lights and the bumper came off. The other car, totally unnecessarily, took his car in and we had to pay the excess. There was nothing wrong with his car! So we put our car in too. Might as well, only one excess payment. Our car also needs a service… time is not on our side. Busy busy busy. We need our car.
  4. Bookishly Boisterous in her latest Bookish Thoughts post talks about getting a massage and how weird that is. I can totally relate. There is a lady who comes into work and offers mirimiri every couple of weeks. It lasts 30 minutes and can be done with your top still on (or topless, whatever you prefer). I don’t think I’m quite ready to go in yet. Maybe in another month or two!

That’s enough from me. I need to get my nose in a book, like Pronto. People are kicking my butt in the Book Pool. Catchya later!

xoxo Sharlene

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts #10

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts is a weekly meme
hosted by Christine at Bookishly Boisterous Books.

Kia Ora and Happy Thursday!

I have had a busy and interesting month.

In Bookish News,

  1. This month I have posted my March TBR on booktube, so you can check it out there, clicky here: March TBR
  2. I cracked my laptop screen, which happens to be touch screen, so it was out of action until I could get a second screen to change my screen settings. Phew! It took me a day or two but my laptop is back in action. Unfortunately my March TBR went up unedited, with no flashy titles, music or links. So forgive me, but its raw. It’s me, sitting on the floor, in what I plan to be my new book nook, sharing the titles I hope to read this month.
  3. TBTG, I got a job. I put my CV in the ring for so many different jobs, doing anything and everything. I scored a Library Assistant job. I’m finally working with books (and staff & students, but BOOKS!). I start tomorrow. I’m so EXCITED!

In Not So Bookish News,

  1. I have discovered that one of my friends, who I met a few years ago when I was working in Youth Ministry, is a Vlogger! Her YouTube channel is hello_harriet and she posts a video each week. Her videos are about 5 minutes and she is super funny. I cracked up watching her Valentine’s Day pranks & the Whisper Challenge with her lil bro. You need to subscribe. Do it now.
  2. Because I’m working part time, I decided to go back to full time study. I’ve completed 6 papers towards my Bachelor of Arts (Communications, Information and Library Studies). It feels like I still have 100 to go. If I can manage the load then I am set for finishing my degree towards the end of 2017! I might get my tohu before the hubby does (tohu means award in Maori & a bunch of other stuff). Might have to add that to my goals for next year. Someone remind me.
  3. One of my papers requires me to start a blog. I already have one, you’re reading it, so at some point you might see some book reviews on genres that I wouldn’t normally blog about. Keep your minds open to the possibility that you might like something more than Young/New Adult fiction. I know it’s slim, but it COULD HAPPEN. Just roll with it.
  4. Lastly, today I signed up for YouTube Boot Camp. It starts tomorrow (which might be the next day in US time) and I am a little scared. But I hope to get some tips from it and boost my YouTube Channel with confidence. Wish me luck!

For a month that felt so hectic, after writing this, I feel like I haven’t achieved very much…

Never mind. There is always next month.

xoxo Sharlene

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts #9

Bookish ThoughtsBookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts is a weekly meme hosted by Christine at Bookishly Boisterous Books.

Kia Ora!

I would love to say that I have been away but I’ve been well aware I haven’t posted since Deweys & this month I started feeling guilty about it. I haven’t written any reviews, but I have been reading & that’s what it’s all about. Did you know it’s 5 weeks til Xmas? That’s like 6 weeks remaining in 2015. THAT IS SCARY!

In Bookish news,
Things we dont say out loud1. I received a copy of ‘Things we don’t say out Loud’ by Rochelle Walters. I take part in so many giveaways I don’t know how I received this one but I’m putting it on my pile for December.

2. For me, November is YA month. I signed up for Crazy for Young Adult Books Book Pool Challenge because I need to boost my numbers. I managed to pick up a few of the titles from the library & finished Beastly in a couple days. Unfortunately I couldn’t get into Juvie (sorta like a YA version of Orange Is The New Black) and it put me in a short slump.

3. I’m hosting a Book Pool in December on Goodreads for the Book Lovin’ Kiwis group. Sign ups are open & will close on 30 November. I love book pools because you can select 3 books you want to read & others select their own, but you end up with an amazing pool of books to select from. The challenge is to be the one to read the most.

In Not So Bookish news,
4. I mentioned a festival in my last Bookish post & I’m pleased to say GOSPEL ROOTS has launched, artists are being announced and it’s all on for Jan. 15-18th, 2016!

Website | Facebook Twitter | Instagram | BUY TIX HERE

I’m gonna be sooo busy in December with Gospel Roots logistics, so I really hope I can still read 100 books before the year ends.That’s all from me this week. I’m happy to be back at this and will try get some time to write reviews instead of binge reading.

final love sharlene

Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts #8

Bookish Thoughts Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts is a weekly meme hosted by Christine at Bookishly Boisterous Books.

Kia Ora!

This month SharleneSays turned 1.
***Happy Blogiversary*** and thanks for sticking with me. I know posts haven’t been very forthcoming. There was a death in the family so I was out of town for a few weeks. I tried to take part in Dewey’s #readathon while I was away from home. Library books were waaaay overdue. To top it all off, I’ve been in a long reading slump. Check out my reading list here.

In Bookish news,
1. For our 1st blogiversary, I ran a giveaway, hoping to find more ideas for my #dayzero project, 101 Bookish Things in 1001 Days. Congratulations to…


a Rafflecopter giveaway

People had some really great ideas. I’ve added most. I know I’m going to struggle, especially with the Rory Gilmore Challenge. I don’t know why I added that? But what’s a Project without a little Challenge!

2. I discovered @CrushYourTBR, a monthly 3 day readathon. I haven’t participated yet as the last one was reduced to 24 hours but I’m looking forward to testing my reading skills. Goodbye reading slumps! Hello reading sprints.

In Not So Bookish news,
3. I’m part of a working group for a music, cultural, christian festival. Things are still a little hush but keep an eye out for #gospelroots. Announcements are just around the corner.

That’s all from me this week. I’ll be back next with with a book review.

final love sharlene