Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts – #2

Bookish and Not So Bookish ThoughtsBookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts is a regular meme hosted by Christine at Bookishly Boisterous Books.

Kia Ora everyone,

This week I bring you a post from Adelaide, Australia! I’m across the ditch for a Registrar’s Conference so why not share what I’m up hosted by the lovely Diocese of Adelaide, so I thought I would share by not so bookish thoughts from my hotel room.

1. I was pleasantly surprised to find audiobooks available on my flight with Air New Zealand. I was going to start Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief but surely that book is over 5 hours in length? If I’m not tired on the way home I might give a short sounding title
a go.

2. I brought a Library book with me. Not sure if I’m allowed to take them out of the country, but I started Cress at home and I just couldn’t leave it behind. I have every intention on finishing that book as soon as possible! Love the series.

3. We received a swag bag on arrival at the conference which contains two small books:-
• Complexity: A Very Short Introduction by John H. Holland.
• Networks: A Very Short Introduction by Guido Caldarelli & Michele Catanzaro.


I have some very good bookish news too.

4. I completed my Goodreads Challenge! I have read 100 Books so far in 2014. It felt so good to knock that out in November. The only problem is I’ve read books that don’t tick off my other reading challenges so I need to make a list of all the goals I haven’t finished & get to some serious reading when I get home.

That’s a wrap from me. Catch Ya next time. Bye!

final love sharlene

Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – #1

Bookish and Not So Bookish ThoughtsBookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts is a regular meme hosted by Christine at Bookishly Boisterous Books. I’ve read a few Not So Bookish posts over the past year and I thought now would be a perfect time to do my very own post.

Serves me right for not writing up this post last night. I scheduled it to post this morning but I thought I left it as a draft so it wouldn’t post! Woops!

Very quickly, here we go:

  • I am in a reading slump. I was before taking part in Dewey’s. I thought that taking part in a 24 Hour readathon would get me out of it. But all it did was ensured I had read the books from the library as they had to be returned the next day!
  • It’s been over a week and I hadn’t even touched a book so last night I started listening to Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I have had the paperback out from the library and it went back untouched but I’ve read a few good reviews so it’s time I gave this series a real shot. Science Fiction is also a genre I don’t read very often.
  • For my birthday I received The Sims 4 from the hubby. I was so happy. This slipped very easily into my spare time while I was in my reading slump. I have managed to log over 50 Hours playing time. It has been approximately 16 hours since I last signed in but I don’t want help for my addiction! I love The Sims! This is not the reason for my reading slump.
  • I have been thinking a lot this week about my holiday in California. I leave in about 50 days. Hubby leaves in a little over 2 weeks. Flights and accommodation are sorted so that’s two big expenses out of my mind but now I’m looking at all the fun stuff we can do and all the food places I wanna try. We’re there for two weeks and I really wanna make the most of my time in America. If you recommend any places to go, hit me in the comments. I especially would love to hear about all those places the tourist books miss out.
  • I know I haven’t been posting very much lately. I need to write up a review for Frostbitten, the ARC I read during the readathon, so expect that in a couple days. I will try my best to have something fresh up every week.
  • After every Swoon Worth Saturday post, my hubby always commented that if he was to write something up like that he would look like a perv and I would be complaining about it, but it’s okay that women do it? Don’t quote me on that, he said something along those lines anyway. All I think about that… at least he is reading my blog! Love ya hubby! What do you think about this?

Anyway, gotta go for now. Work is calling.

final love sharlene